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Classical Drawing, Bargue Workshop

$360 Purchase required to enroll

Drawing Bargue Workshop

This two-day workshop, instructed by Todd Burroughs, will guide students through the process of drawing in the method popularized by Charles Bargue and Jean-Leon Gerome in their famous collaboration from 1866, Drawing Course.

The technique spread a French Academic approach to drawing which has been a staple of art education for over 150 years. Realist artists, abstractionists, experienced artists and beginners all will benefit from learning this concise and elegant approach to drawing. Artists such Pablo Picasso and Vincent Van Gough, who studied this drawing technique, built on their foundations to develop entirely new ways of creating.

We are excited to offer this special opportunity to you and expect the 10 available spots to fill quickly.


Cancellation policy Workshops are fully refundable with at least 7 days notice, and are partially refundable for 50% of the workshop cost if canceled up to 48 hours before the scheduled start of a workshop. Cancellations are not permitted with less than 48 hours notice and no refund will be issued.
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